Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you???

I know this a bit of a change from the norm, but worth discussing. Normally, feedback is limited, but today I ask...what were you doing when you heard about the 9/11 attacks?

I remember driving up Hanging Rock Hill in Madison, Indiana. After dropping our pup off to check his broken leg, I was driving home listening to Garth Brooks "The Dance" when they broke in on the radio, "there has been a plane crash into a tower of the World Trade Center in word on whether it was an accident or purposeful...stay tuned and we'll keep you updated"...

The rest of the day, my grandma and I spent following the news channel coverage. It was such a feeling of..."how can this be happening to us?(as a nation)" all day long. I remember the total shock when the first tower began to fall, then before long the second.

Now, seven years later, I still get choked up about what happened that affected so many people on that tragic day. So, once again, comment back and let me know where you were and your lasting memories of that day.

If you suffered a personal loss in the 9/11 attacks, my thoughts and prayers are with you this day.

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