Friday, November 12, 2010

Come Awake

While running through video illustrations for our Collegiate Cless, I came across this video I wanted to share as well. It simply reminds us that our life in Christ isn't dependent on what we have done, but what He did for us on the cross. I hope it will give you an inspiration today.

Once again, for more information or to get a copy for your personal or church use, visit Igniter Media. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Please let me know if you have a special prayer request I can word on your behalf!!!

Thank You God!!!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought I would share one of my favorite newer videos that sums up the season. May we truly be thankful in all things because of what He has done for us! Enjoy the video...then take a moment to share what you are thankful for today.

For more information or to pick the video up for your personal or church use, stop by Igniter Media.