Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alltop site inclusion

Alltop, all the top storiesI know many of you saw that I had put a praise on the site through my Twitter feed about being included in Alltop. It is an all-inclusive blog and news site featuring blogs of all types, from entertainment, music, movies, and politics to support groups,etc. Only a few are selected in each genre and I feel honored to have been chosen.

The guys at Alltop just constructed a new site dedicated to christian blogs at christian.alltop.com. My blog is included with blogs from other religious denominations. This has been an opportunity to share the Bible with several new visitors to the site who have been directed via Alltop.

Pray that the Word will reach out to someone in time of need. Also, pray that I will be open to sharing what God would have me share daily in my writings and not rely on self. Thanks for your support and may we continue in the work we've been called to, regardless of where that may lead us...

Please feel free to leave any comments verbally or by clicking the thumbs up and down icons below the posts on the site. I look forward to hearing from you!!!

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