Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tonight's the night!!!

I know this isn't exactly the post you are used to if you have read this blog before. However, I am looking forward to this game with much anticipation and would like to see how many of you will venture a guess as to who will win the game? For those who don't follow college football, we are speaking of the BCS Championship between Oklahoma and Florida. Let your opinion be known. I will post comments made BEFORE and maybe a short time into the game. No trash talking, please. Just give your pick and a score if you'd like.


Worship Dude said...

It's gonna be an awesome game and a very close game! I believe the Gators will pull it off, even though my buddies, Craig McDole and Doug Dameron are Sooner Fans! Hey I got to be loyal to the SEC!! ROLL TIDE!!!


jeff said...

I was going with Oklahoma but the Big 12 was so underwhelming in the bowl season I have switched to Florida...42-30. That being said, I really like Bob Stoops and hope Oklahoma wins.

Cindy said...

Gators all the way! I can't wait until the personal introduction of Brandon Spikes to the OU offense. Go Gators!