Friday, August 22, 2008

Does your face shine???

In the past several weeks, the Lord has spoken to me many times about the story of Moses going to visit with Him on the mountain, and how, when he had done this, his face shone so that everyone he came in contact with noticed. The passage is Exodus 35:29-35...

This just sums up why we should stay in contact daily with our Lord and Savior. In these days, people are looking for an answer. They don't know where to look, but when they SEE it in someone, they recognize it. When we spend time with the Lord, OUR LIFE SHINES!!! You can see it on a person's face, hear it in their speech, and see it in their actions.

Why wouldn't christians want to spend time with the Lord? Well, many times, we get hit by what we are doing wrong or not doing at all. And this applies to all of us. We miss opportunities on a daily basis. Think over the last 24 hours...has there been someone who you came in contact with that seemed down, needing a kind word, having a rough day? These are the ones we reach by simply showing the light of Jesus, whether it's sharing our testimony, giving simple encouragement, or inviting to an activity, whatever is needed. But if we don't take the opportunity, there's no guarantee someone else will.

Simply put, if our lives SHINE for Christ, people will notice...and they will want to know more of what we have. It's like the saying my dad used to quote..."Your actions speak so loud, I can't hear a word you're saying"...What are your actions saying today???

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