Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outlive Your Life book review

Another review I should have posted some time ago is of the soon to be released "Outlive Your Life" by Max Lucado. This is just another added to my large collection of his books. The official release date is scheduled for September 14, 2010.

This book is a call for us as Christians to live beyond the confines of life and rather reach out and make a difference. It may be a call to be more charitable, serve in a soup kitchen, or help an elderly person you know. Whatever this book inspires you to thing is for sure...we need to stop sitting back and expect others to do the work we have been called to do. If we are to all sit by and watch, then nothing will get done, right?

We all need an eye-opener or a shot in the arm from time to time, and that's exactly what this book does. If you are in a rut or just need to be awakened from a sleepwalk through your daily life, I urge you to grab a copy of this book. You can pre-order it at Thomas Nelson Publishers or at

One hundred percent of all author royalties from this book will benefit children and families through WorldVision and other ministries of faith-based compassion.

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