Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless - book review

My latest book review in association with the Thomas Nelson Publishers Book Review Bloggers program is the latest Max Lucado release, Fearless. The subtitle to the book states the main point of the entire work rather profoundly...Imagine Your Life Without Fear.

With all that we face in these troubled times...financial woes, raising kids, gas prices, job instability...the list goes on and on...many folks live with fear as a normal part of their existance. But, Max Lucado works through this book giving example after example how we can live a productive Christian life without succumbing to the fears of those without hope.

In the book, Max covers many of the fears that each of us face from time to time…from feelings of insignificance, death, wars, violence, parenting issues, providing for our families, and even making God angry with us. He talks us through the fears that may take hold of our lives by opening up the Word of God and letting it dispel the fears that many would allow to rule their lives.

I found this book, as with all Lucado’s other previous works, to be a smooth read. It brought forth hope through even what many may see as the most dire circumstances we may face in our lives. I would recommend this book to anyone as necessary reading. Thanks Max, for another great book!!!

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