Friday, December 17, 2010

Wild Goose Chase - Book review

The title of this book by Mark Batterson would make one think of a life out of order. *Wild Goose Chase* would bring up mental images of someone just being pulled to and fro with no particular end or means in sight. The Christian life, however, is nothing close to that. In this book, Mark describes how to live a life chasing the proverbial "goose" or Holy Spirit's will for each day.

What we don't see is the final outcome of our daily meanderings that appear as unorthodox to some, if led by the Holy Spirit will have a particular goal as the result. We are finite beings who have only a slight sense of Who and What the Holy Spirit is in our lives. We see things in the scope of our minutes, hours, and days...while time is of no real relevance to the Lord.

When we truly follow the Lord, this "goose chase" will lead to great personal growth and building of a relationship that will be more valuable than anyone can express in mere words.

I would recommend this book for anyone looking to deepen their relationship and understanding of the Holy Spirit. Mark's writing is easy to read, but will challenge you to the core!

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